Bilateral relations


Donor Partners for the Justice Program

The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MNJ) is a strategic program partner both to the Justice Program and the Home Affairs program.

The MNJ is a strategic partner in the holistic development of the program and, in particular, a tactical advisor in the fight against domestic violence and gender-based violence (a program area that needs an increased attention, as well as a cross-cutting issue relevant to Justice and Home Affairs programs). The MNJ will contribute to strengthening the synergies between the Home Affairs and Justice programs. The MNJ will act as a guide on the feasibility and the scope of partnerships with the donor states within the program, as well as on other relevant aspects of bilateral interest. The bilateral ambitions are an opportunity to develop cross-cutting activities that could aim to strengthening the justice chain and to see the areas of intervention within the Justice program, from a holistic perspective. The MNJ will make further efforts in order to provide the expertise from different parts of the justice system, including from the relevant departments within the MNJ, whenever is possible and appropriate. Also, if necessary, the MNJ will coordinate the Norwegian partners within the program.

Norwegian Correctional Services Directorate (KSF-Kriminalomsdirektoratet) is a directorate within the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, having responsibilities in the field of penitentiary system administration and the probation services. The Norwegian Correctional Services are responsible for implementing the measure of preventive detention and criminal penalties, through various ways that take into account the security of the citizens and the need to prevent the recidivism and that allow the offenders to change the criminal behavior on their own initiative. Also, the Norwegian Correctional Services provide the police with the preventive detention centers.

The Norwegian Court Administration is the central administrative institution for all courts in Norway. The Norwegian Court Administration has the role of assisting the courts and important tasks in elaborating the strategic plans that allow the courts to tackle the challenges they face. The NCA aims to provide favorable conditions for the reasonable and efficient functioning of the courts. In partnership with the judiciary, the Norwegian Court Administration is taking steps to increase the public confidence in the courts.

International partner organization

Council of Europe is an international organization that brings together 47 European countries, whose main objective is to protect the human rights, the democracy and the rule of law in Europe. The activity of the Council of Europe is focused on the complete course of activities related to setting the standards, monitoring and cooperation. Within its area of competence, the Council of Europe sets the internationally recognized standards, covering over 200 international treaties and identifies the best practices. The compliance with some of these standards is subsequently evaluated and monitored by the specific bodies and mechanisms of the Council of Europe. Also, the Council of Europe has a significant experience in the field of coordination and implementation of the technical assistance and the institutional capacity building activities based on these standards and, if applicable, based on the results of the different monitoring exercises.