Acquisition of a forensic vehicle laboratory with specific equipment

Following the implementation of the project “Fighting Criminality and Corruption”, funded by the “Justice” Program of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, the acquisition of a forensic vehicle laboratory with specific equipment became necessary as a support for prosecutors and forensic technicians in the investigation of crimes (specific activities).

The acquisition of a forensic vehicle laboratory with specific equipment contributes to the development of specific sampling procedures.

The benefits anticipated by the Contracting Authority by making this procurement refer to the improvement of the conditions of investigation of the crime scene by prosecutors and forensic technicians from the Forensic Office of the Prosecution and Forensics Section (main beneficiaries of the procurement).

The Prosecutors of the Forensics Office have the following competences:

a) carry out the criminal investigation in the criminal cases of their competence, according to the law;

b) carry out the criminal investigation in the cases taken, according to the law, from other Prosecutor’s Offices, in particular, in complex criminal cases, which require the application of the scientific methods and of the forensic technical means;

c) exercise the competences provided in art. 20 paragraph (1) c) and d) in the cases of own competence;

d) give technical, tactical and methodological support to the Prosecutors from other Prosecutor’s Offices who carry out their own criminal investigation activity, in criminal cases with a high degree of complexity, in order to streamline and energize the criminal investigation activity;

e) organize the centralized record of the criminal cases of crimes committed with intent, which resulted in the death of a person, which are in the records of the cases with unidentified perpetrators;

f) ensure the carrying out of forensic laboratory work;

g) elaborate analysis files on the technical, tactical and methodological aspects regarding the use of the forensic means by Prosecutors;

h) ensure the dissemination to the Prosecutor’s Offices, for documentation, of the files elaborated internally and abroad regarding the methods and the technical means, of the forensic tactical rules and procedures necessary for the discovery, investigation and prevention of the different categories of crimes;

i) exercise any other competences provided by law and regulations or established by order of the hierarchically superior Prosecutor.


Within the Forensics Office, the criminal technicians have the following competences:

a) accompany the Prosecutor to the on-site investigation in case of crimes against life and suspected violent deaths, as well as in other situations that require the presence of the Prosecutor, ensuring the taking of judicial photos and video recordings using the provided equipment, under the exclusive guidance of the Prosecutor;

b) perform laboratory work;

c) draw up photo boards;

d) provide the technical assistance for the audio and video recordings, the decryption of the audio and video devices, the processing of the photo and video images during the investigation carried out by the Prosecutor;

e) maintain the equipment provided by the forensic laboratory and the cabinets within the Prosecutor’s Offices attached to the Courts and manage the consumables;

f) organize and record the materials necessary for carrying out the activity and ensure the preservation of those used in the investigation.

g) fulfill any other competences established by the Prosecutor.

As can be seen, the activities of prosecutors and forensic technicians depend to a very large extent on the endowment with specific techniques and equipment, which would allow the identification and sampling of the most conclusive evidence on the spot. In this context, it has become imperative to have its own equipment with a fully equipped autolaborator of the SUV type with 4×4 traction, which allows the achievement of the above desideratum.

The products purchased are the following:

Nr. crt. Products Unit Quant.  CPV code
0 1 2 3 4
1 4×4 off-road vehicle with technical specifications according to specifications piece 1 Principal:

34113300-5 Off-road vehicles

2 Car trunk box with direct mounting on the metal trunk piece 1 44423000-1 Several articles
3 Telescopic ladder piece 1 44423220-9 Telescopic ladder
4 Tactical vest piece 1 18235400-9 Tactical vest
5 Protective tent for protection and inventory of samples piece 1 39522530-1

Tent technical area

6 Functional backpack piece 1 18931100-5 Backpack
7 Mobile GPS system piece 1 38112100-4 Global navigation and positioning system,GPS
8 Electronic laser rangefinder piece 1 38291000-1 Laser rangefinder
9 Perimeter lighting system of a large area – PRISM piece 1 31527260-6 Extended surface lighting system (PRISM)
10 Professional headlamp piece 2 31527210-1 Flashlights
11 Professional flashlight piece 1 31527210-1 Flashlights
12 Portable lighting system – RALS piece 1   31521330-6 Mobile perimeter lighting system
13  Optical device for observation and visual research – Binocular piece 1 38631000-7 binocular
14 Universal forensic kit – TCU piece 1 33954000-2 Forensic kit
15 Forensic kit for biological evidence – TRB piece 1 33954000-2 Biological sample collection kit
16 Lighting kit with forensics applicability piece 1 31532120-1 Lamps with compact fluorescent tubes

The value of the contract for the forensic self-laboratory, fully equipped, is 434,534.45 lei with VAT.

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